When adding a new product to the Hurricane Center Wiki, you must be a registered staff, and create a page for it. Creating a page isn't as simple as you think it is, but it is not difficult.

The only way to add a new product is to make it interregional. Interregional products may not be related to tropical activity.

First, you will need to know the basin in which this product is nearest. Knowing the basin, you can then create the basin code. This is where the product will be placed. You can't just name a page some odd descriptive name, because then it is unorganized, and people may not be able to find it. Each basin has a two letter identifier code for products. The Atlantic is AT, EPAC EP, WPAC WP, IO IO, Australian region AU, SPAC SP, and S(W)IO SI. These will be the first two letters of the product name. Your product is also a discussion, so it will end in "D". This only leaves one letter, as products can only have 4 letters. You can choose this letter based on what the product is, but make sure to check for other products with the same code.