Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Advisory
Tropical Storm Otto
NWS #Wiki-hurricanes/Wikipedia Hurricane Center (WHC) ATTC17-5
0200 UTC Wednesday, October 8, 2010

...Tropical Storm Otto expected to restrengthen...


Center location: 24.0N 67.6W
Center confidence: ± 10 nm
Wind: 65 MPH, 105 KM/H
Pressure: 991 Millibar
Movement: NE or 50 degrees at 6 MPH, 9 KM/h
Convection: Strong central warm-core as cold as -85°C
Shear: Southwesterly at 20-35 knots on the northwestern periphery, otherwise westerly at 5-15 knots
Structure: Uniform


Initial: 24.0N, 67.6W, 55 kts, 991 mb
12 hr: 24.7N, 66.4W, 65 kts, 981 mb
24 hr: 25.5N, 64.9W, 60 kts, 989 mb
36 hr: 26.8N, 63.3W, 50 kts, 998 mb
48 hr: 28.1N, 61.8W, 40 kts, 1006 mb

Forecaster HurricaneSpin

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